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Craft Beer began with a group of restless home brewers searching for something real and flavorful; it’s become a global phenomena of taste. That spirit of rebellion and innovation exists in today’s home brewers.

In Long Beach, California, three groups of those home brewers will soon open breweries and bring their beers to the world: a doctor-turned-brewer and his baker wife; a father-son team who grew close over making beer; and a rock star looking for the quiet(?) existence of brewery owner.

With the help of icons Ken Grossman (Sierra Nevada), Jim Koch (Boston Beer Company), Sam Calagione (Dogfish), Greg Koch (Stone Brewing), Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River Brewing), and others, the soul of craft beer is finally revealed. Brewmance is an independently financed, produced, and distributed documentary film by acclaimed filmmaker Christo Brock (Touch the Wall). Follow our story on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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Christo Brock is an American Producer, Director, and Editor best known for the iconic swim documentary Touch the Wall, the sports films Spirit of the Marathon and Hood to Coast, and the craft beer documentary Brewmance.

While working on Touch the Wall Christo developed system of independent production and distribution that involved crowdfunding, on-demand theatrical distribution, and direct audience interaction.  A story about Olympic swimmers Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce, Touch the Wall had more than 500 screenings nationwide with an 80% sell-out rate.  The film went on to screen on Oprah’s Winfrey’s OWN network and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix.

Brewmance follows three sets of accomplished home brewers who are looking to open their own breweries in the port town of Long Beach, California. The film is scheduled to debut in 2018.

Christo lives with this wife and son in Long Beach, California.





Daniel J. Gradilla graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography, where he majored in Feature Film Production in 2007.  

He has split his time between running Production and working in Post Production in various capacities on Feature Narrative and Documentary films, Music Videos, Short Form Web Videos, and Commercials. Daniel has served as Assistant Editor on “The Rescuers” Directed by Emmy Award Winning Director Michael King,” Sound of My Voice” Directed by Zal Batmanglij, “Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain” Comedy Special Directed by Tim Story, among others. He has also served as Production Manager and Post Supervisor for the visual elements used during the Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy World Tour.

“Touch the Wall” was the first film in which Daniel served as both Editor and Co-Producer. Additionally, Daniel also served as Associate Producer and Editor on “Soaring Highs & Brutal Lows: The Voices of Women in Metal”, and has been attached to edit films on the making of the film “Easy Rider”, a documentary on the Soul Line Dancing movement, and “Las Sandinistas!”, a film about women’s’ roles in the Sandinista revolution and ensuing government restoration.



Laura Aguirre


Laura Aguirre is a former entertainment journalist who now works as a film impact producer, mainly focusing on non-traditional and educational distribution. She was the Outreach Coordinator on the female sports documentary "Touch The Wall", about Olympian Missy Franklin. She also served as Screening Tour Manager on the award-winning documentary "She Started It", about women in tech. Laura has also coordinated screenings and built partnerships for the award-winning Autism documentary "Swim Team" and the comic book film "COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages".

Laura is serving as Brewmance's Associate Producer. You can contact her at





Hailing from the mountains of Western North Carolina, Damian Apunte discovered his fascination with film through his early obsession with video games, music videos, films, and ultimately, filmmaking as an undergraduate student at The University of North Carolina at Asheville. 

Now based in Long Beach, CA, Damian has kindled his creative passion as Director of 4th Street Productions. Throughout his film career he has directed and produced films that have won awards at various local film festivals as well as an international festival in London. With his love for cinema and community, he’s undertaken numerous influential roles both in his educational and professional careers such as: President of LBCC Filmmakers Association, Lead Film Coordinator for The Art Society of Long Beach, President of the Long Beach Film Festival, and the Director of Production for the Long Beach Film Foundation.